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Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

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Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

As more architects explore the potential of tiny homes, finding ways to optimise small interiors is a growing area of interest for designers. Some minimalists advocate that living with less creates simplicity, efficiency and a calmer existence, allowing us to focus on what’s important. Could downsizing be the answer?

Whatever your living situation, there are plenty of ways to make a small room feel bigger. If space is at a premium, here are some of the best interior design solutions for a small house or home.


Mirror Interior Design

Mirrors are one of the simplest ways to create the illusion of a larger room, particularly if placed directly opposite a window. Try creating another window by placing a mirror next to or across from the real deal. The reflection maximise the effect of natural light and pleasant outdoor views, allowing you to appreciate them from multiple angles.

Place a mirror behind a light source. Whether it’s behind a candle, a pendant light, or a bedside lamp, a mirror will help to maximise the light’s reach while creating an almost magical effect.

Lighten up

Lamp Interior Design

The darker the walls the closer they’ll come towards you, so there’s a reason why so many of us reach for the white paint – it makes rooms appear larger. But there is so much more you can do with the right lighting. First and foremost, don’t rely on a single light source in the centre of the room. One ceiling lamp will only cast a pool of light on the middle of the floor. Instead, use multiple light sources around the room to open it up, such as floor lamps in corners and table lamps on sideboards. This will spread focus across the full area of the room.

Use wall lights to enhance corners or recesses and try long pendants to emphasise the height of a room. Make a statement with a big flamboyant lamp;  There are two (apparently opposite) schools of thought concerning objects and ornaments in a small space: either restrict yourself to proportionately small items, or just have one or two big ones. So you could try having a single big statement lamp with a flamboyant shade in an otherwise emptyish room…

Furniture with legs

Reclaimed wood rustic dining table

Being able to see the floor underneath your furniture will make the room feel more spacious, so choose furniture with legs rather than big bulky pieces. Don’t be tempted to squash furniture right up against the wall – giving it some breathing space will also make things feel more roomy.

Bespoke furniture

Good storage is probably the no.1 priority for a small house. If building work is an option, having storage and furniture that is tailor made for your space allows you to take advantage of every available nook. With bespoke furniture we can create a pieced that’s tailored to suit your personal tastes and design requirements. No matter what type of furniture you might need creating, whether it be dining tables, coffee tables or something else, we have you covered. All of the bespoke furniture we offer is created using UK sourced reclaimed wood and high quality steel.