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Industrial Shelving

At Heyl Interiors, we offer a great range of industrial shelving; all of which are handcrafted using reclaimed wood and high quality steel from around the UK. Our range of reclaimed shelves fit perfectly into any room. All of our range of reclaimed industrial shelving is suitable for both home and business use. Using handpicked reclaimed wood allows us to create beautiful industrial reclaimed shelving units. With all of our industrial reclaimed shelves made in-house, we ensure a high standard of finish on all of our reclaimed products. If you can’t see the type of shelving you require, then be sure to get in touch with Heyl Interiors. We also offer a bespoke design service with enables us to create the perfect industrial shelving for out customers.

Reclaimed Industrial Shelves

We offer a range of reclaimed industrial shelves; all of which are designed and manufactured right here at Heyl Interiors. When it comes to our reclaimed shelving, we only using hand picked reclaimed wood and high quality steel, to ensure a great look and feel. Using reclaimed wood in our industrial shelving means we can breathe new life into traditional wood. We are passionate about creating reclaimed shelving that stands out from the crowd and creates and impression on the people that see it. At Heyl Interiors, we have a team of furniture experts who use a range of traditional and modern techniques to create beautiful industrial reclaimed shelving. From the finish of the framework to the pieces of reclaimed wood we choose, our team ensure piece they create is of the highest possible quality. With years of experience creating industrial shelving, we have all the skills and knowledge needed to create the types of reclaimed industrial shelves that people are looking for. The range of industrial reclaimed shelves we offer can fit perfectly into any home of business setting. Whether you’re wanting shelving that stands out from the crowd or a piece that blends perfectly with your existing décor, then Heyl Interiors has you covered. The wood used in our industrial shelves helps to create a distinct look that other types of furniture simply can’t compete with.

Industrial Reclaimed Shelving Units

We offer a fantastic range of industrial reclaimed shelving units, all of which are made from quality steel and handpicked UK steel. We offer delivery across the UK for our industrial shelving units. Our team have been creating reclaimed shelving for a number of years and we have all the knowledge needed to create truly unique looking shelving units. No matter what your style might be, our industrial reclaimed shelves will fit perfectly into any type of décor. We have been supplying out industrial shelves to both individuals and businesses throughout the UK for many years. All of our reclaimed shelving is design and manufactured using professional machinery and tools to ensure a high standard of finish. At Heyl Interiors, we always aim to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers when it comes to our range of reclaimed industrial shelving.

Bespoke Reclaimed Industrial Shelves

In addition to our great range of reclaimed industrial shelving, we can also create bespoke reclaimed industrial shelves. Our bespoke industrial shelving is tailored around our customers exact requirements and is perfect for anyone who wants a piece a furniture that no one else with have. When you choose Heyl Interiors to create industrial reclaimed shelving for you, we’ll work closely with you to ensure the piece is exactly how you require it to be. If you’re interested in having some reclaimed industrial shelved made, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Heyl Interiors.

Shop Online With Heyl Interiors for Industrial Shelving

The range of industrial shelving we offer at Heyl Interiors are designed to offer a unique look that traditional furniture simply can’t compete with. All of our shelving units are made from UK sourced reclaimed wood, and you won’t find reclaimed industrial shelves like ours anywhere else. At Heyl Interiors, we pride ourselves on the quality of the reclaimed industrial shelves that we offer and we ensure each piece is perfect before it leaves us. As well as offering our standard range of industrial reclaimed shelving, we also offer a bespoke design service to our customers. Our bespoke industrial shelves are designed and manufactured to meet our customers exact requirements. For more information on our bespoke design service or the range of reclaimed shelves we offer, be sure to get in touch with us. Alternatively check out our range of reclaimed industrial shelving and shop online today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reclaimed Industrial Shelves

Why should I buy shelving from Heyl Interiors? We have years of experience designing and creating industrial reclaimed shelving for customers throughout the country. We pride ourselves on the quality of our shelves and we always go the extra mile to ensure we achieve the highest possible standards of finish. What is your industrial shelving made from? All of the industrial shelving we offer, at Heyl Interiors, is made from handpicked reclaimed wood from around the UK. Combining it with high quality steel, allows us to create truly unique pieces of industrial reclaimed shelving. Do you offer custom made reclaimed shelves? Yes! If you’ve browsed our range of reclaimed shelving and you can’t find the right piece for you, then we offer a bespoke design service. Having a bespoke piece made means your industrial reclaimed shelving will meet your exact requirements. Do my industrial shelves have to be attached to the wall? No! In addition to single and wall mounted shelving units, we offer a range of industrial reclaimed shelves that are freestanding. Our freestanding industrial shelves allows you to move the unit with ease and to other rooms when you need to. Is there matching furniture available to go with my industrial shelving? All of the furniture we offer is designed to suit any industrial style, meaning when you purchase industrial shelving from Heyl Interiors, you’ll be able to find complementary pieces that suit a similar style. Be sure to browse our website to see the full range that we offer.
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