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What are the different wood finishes?

You can choose from three finishes. Driftwood is the lightest, a natural clear wax. Rugger brown has an rusty oak effect finish and walnut, the darkest of the three. 

Alternatively if you required something a little more robust we offer a clear matt lacquer finish in the shades listed above. This is more durable against marking or staining and will also waterproof the wood. Making it a great option for use in bars, restaurants, offices and any other commercial use.

We can also apply a wash finish such as a white or grey wash should you be looking for something more bespoke. These can be coloured to match any given sample, a clear matt lacquer varnish will then applied. 

We also welcome new and innovate designs so if you have something particular in mind just email it through and one of our team will call you to discuss your specific requirements.



Part of the beauty of reclaimed wood furniture is its lived-in look. In its former life – which could be anything from flooring to coal carriage sides – reclaimed wood will inevitably have picked up a few knocks and bumps along the way but we believe it all adds to a unique character that can only be acquired with time.

IMPORTANT: Reclaimed wood pieces are not suitable to be placed in direct sunlight or too near radiators. Should you choose to position the furniture in these places you must be aware this may cause the wood to warp or crack and we cannot replace items on this bases.

Rings from cups and mugs and red wine spills are a common occurrence on tables. We recommend using coasters and placemats for protection – making sure to wipe up any spills quickly to prevent staining. 

Cleaning your furniture from time to time will protect it from any stains forming. An old cotton T-shirt or lint-free dishtowel works well to

remove any dirt or crumbs. Wet the cloth lightly, wring out so it’s just damp, and wipe!

Furniture polish is not recommended. These products often build up a residue and actually attract dust.

Our reclaimed wood furniture is finished with a coating of Fiddes furniture wax. From time to time it’s worthwhile reapplying another layer to keep building up protection. Alternatively you can use beeswax in replacement to furniture polish. This can be applied with a cloth, left to harden, then gently buffed. Both will condition the wood, keeping it looking as good as new!

After many years service, or if you want to change the appearance of the wood, varnish and wax removers will take off the old finisher. The top can then be sanded with a fine grade paper before a new finish is applied.


Deliveries are typically despatched within 2-4 weeks at a cost of £59.00 within a 150 mile radius of Nottingham. Other locations are detailed on the map below and we will combine the delivery cost for multiple items. 

Deliveries are made on a weekday and you will be given a morning or afternoon time slot. The tables will be delivered unassembled for access purposes but the drivers will put this together once in the property.

For more bespoke services the delivery times may be extended depending on the complexity of the order.


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