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Reclaimed Wood Benches

Here at Heyl Interiors, we offer a great range of reclaimed wood benches to our customers throughout the UK. All of the industrial style reclaimed benches we offer are made from UK sourced reclaimed wood and high quality steel. We believe we have something for everyone, however if you can’t see something you like, then don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss a bespoke bench. We pride ourselves on offering British designed and manufacture furniture and one of our benches is sure to stand out from the crowd in your home. Whether you’re wanting a stand alone industrial metal bench or a reclaimed dining bench, we have all of your needs covered. Browse our range of reclaimed wood benches and buy online from Hell Interiors today!

Wood Dining Benches from Heyl Interiors

We offer a range of reclaimed benches that will fit perfectly into any property or decor scheme. Whether you’re looking for reclaimed wood benches or reclaimed dining benches, we have something for everyone. All of our reclaimed wood benches are made from UK sourced wood and high quality metal, to achieve the highest standard of finish. Our full range of industrial reclaimed benches are available to browse and buy online. At Heyl Interiors, we specialise in reclaimed furniture and design and manufacture all products in house. With delivery available across the whole of the country, so everyone can enjoy the great range of reclaimed wood benches we offer at Hell Interiors.

Industrial Bench Styles

Industrial decor is becoming more and more popular and it’s one of the reasons we offer a range of industrial bench styles. Our range of industrial metal benches are made from wood and metal sourced right here in the UK. The industrial style bench seats we offer are suitable for use on their own or as part of a dining set. Our industrial kitchen benches will help to spruce up your home and there sure to stand out from the crowd. All of our reclaimed industrial bench styles are designed and manufactured using industrial style metal and reclaimed wood, to achieve a truly authentic look. Browse our full range of industrial benches online and buy online from Heyl Interiors today.

Why Buy Solid Wood Benches from Us?

We have been offering our range of reclaimed wood benches to customers throughout the UK for many years. All of our reclaimed industrial benches are made from high quality materials to ensure our customers receive a quality product. Some of the reasons we think you should by a reclaimed wood bench from us are:
  • Delivery is available across the UK
  • Benches made from UK sourced reclaimed wood
  • Great range of industrial benches to choose from
  • Bespoke products available on request
  • Always on hand to provide advice

What is reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood is essentially wood that has simply been restored and does not change much from it’s original state. Reclaimed wood is often mistaken for recycled wood although the main difference between the two is that the reprocessing stages are different. Recycling involved taking products that have no further use and transforming then into either the same or different product that can be used again. On the other hand, reclaimed wood is restored back to its original state or quality. Although recycling is often seen as one of the most environmentally-friendly methods of reducing waste and manufacturing products, reclamation may be even more environmentally and economically friendly, as there are less stages to producing the final product. We hand pick and source all of our wood from specific locations and so you can trust that when choosing Heyl Interiors, you will only receive high quality products. There are many benefits to purchasing our reclaimed wood benches over newly sourced wooden furniture. The most obvious benefit is that it is environmentally friendly as no trees are being cut down to produce the wood benches, instead the wood has been restored from its original source to produce our unique furniture. Using reclaimed wood also means that the wood has more strength and durability. This is because, as wood ages it becomes stronger due to being past all of the expanding and contracting stages. The wood has dried out and is at it’s final state. When choosing Heyl Interiors, you can trust that all of our reclaimed wooden benches will be very hardwearing and will stay at a good quality for many years; with the help of good maintenance. Reclaimed wood benches also look more aesthetically pleasing, with the more rustic and authentic look. We take pride in all that we do and can guarantee that we have a wide range of wood benches to suit different tastes. As well as the stock of reclaimed wood benches that we have online, we also have the option of designing and manufacturing bespoke furniture, to meet all of your design and functionality specifications. We like to cater to a range of different styles and so we will always ensure that each and every customer is entirely happy with the authentic rustic benches that we produce.

Buy Reclaimed Industrial Benches Online from Heyl Interiors

When it comes to reclaimed industrial benches, be sure to buy online from Hell Interiors. We have a great range of benches to choose from covering everything from reclaimed dining benches to industrial metal benches and much more. No matter what type of industrial style bench you might be looking for, we have something to suit everyone. If you can’t see a style you like, then don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss a bespoke bench, custom made to meet your specifications. All of our reclaimed wood benches are available to browse and buy online. We offer delivery throughout the UK.


Should a reclaimed bench be used alone or as part of a dining set? The reclaimed wood benches we offer are suitable for use as both a standalone pieces or as part of a larger dining set. We believe that industrial reclaimed benches offer a fantastic style that will suit any type of property or decor, Whether you want an item that stands our or blends in, we have a great range of reclaimed wood benches to choose from. What are your industrial style bench seats made from? All of our reclaimed industrial style benches are made from hand sourced UK reclaimed wood. We combine this with high quality rustic steel to achieve a high level of finish. All of our industrial benches are designed and manufactured right here in the UK. Do you stock any more industrial benches you don’t have what I’m looking for? Our full range of industrial bench seats are available to browse online. However, if nothing takes your fancy, then don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss a bespoke bench. We can tailor a reclaimed bench to suit your exact requirements. How do I place an order for a reclaimed wood bench? All order of reclaimed wood benches can be placed online directly through our website. Simply add the bench you want to the basket and then follow the checkout instructions to complete your purchase. If you’re wanting a bespoke piece or you’d prefer not to order online, then don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. One of the Heyl Interiors team are always on hand to help and assist. Are your wooden benches made from recycled wood? Our reclaimed wood benches are made from wood which have been restored back from their original state. Recycled wood often comes in the form of manufactured boards such as MDF and softboards. Reclaimed wood is just wood that has been used to manufacture something else and finished to preserve it’s quality.
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