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Our Product

Our Product

Our furniture is made using reclaimed pine, hand picked from various old industrial buildings across the UK. It was mainly used as floor joists in its previous life so has lots of history, character and detail you will only find in genuine reclaimed wood. It is also extremely heavy and durable, always a sign of great quality.

The reclaimed planks are joined to form the finishing touches to all our furniture, whether it be a dining table, side unit, bench, desk… possibilities are endless when each piece is lovingly restored to measure by hand!

All our furniture can be made suitable for outdoor use, email us for details info@heylinteriors.co.uk

Our Steel Bases and Frames

All our solid steel bases and frames are hand made to order so we can adjust any of the designs and measurements to suit you!

We buy the steel in long strips, this is then cut and welded to form our unique furniture designs. The steel is gunmetal grey in colour and the silver marks on the joins are from welding the steel together, making each piece bespoke whilst adding to the industrial look.

To ensure the steel stays looking perfect we finish all our bases with a clear matt lacquer coating, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor use!