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How to create a ‘Cozy Feel’ Interior this Autumn

Autumn Interior Design

As Autumn approaches, now is the best time of the year to incorporate earth tone colours into your home decorations! The arrival of cooler temperatures, autumn hues, and nature changing before our eyes…snuggling up…Settling in…call it what you want, the arrival of autumn is our cue to find our comfort zone.

Adding autumn touches of decor to your home will help you transition into the new season. Small seasonal updates to your sitting room can help transform it into a nurturing space that will make sheltering from the elements extra cosy.

Experiment with Materials

This autumn, continue the theme of opulence by introducing classic, sumptuous textures such as tweeds and wools. This can be achieved through statement accessories like cushions and chaises. The continuous trend of tweeds and wools coming into the home as well as in the world of fashion is huge.

Take the edge off autumn by swapping light Summer fabrics and layering on soft, heavier weight textiles. Think plush cushions (we love velvet for a touch of luxe), chunky woven throws and blankets for maximum cosiness. If you’ve got bare floorboards, use a rug to soften the space or treat your feet to a woollen fleece. This also looks great draped on the back of a chair or the arm of a sofa.

Autumn Interior Design

Shades of Autumn

Many people are inspired by the colours of changing leaves. The myriad of earthy hues seen among the landscape is often considered the epitome of autumn. Echoing nature, an earthy palette of rich autumnal shades. Burnt orange, crimson, rust, and deep golden yellows as well as rich plum and warm browns evoke the spirit of the season.

Echoing nature, an earthy palette of rich autumnal shades are a popular choice. If russets, lichen greens, tweeds and checks aren’t your thing you can create a similarly cosy vibe by incorporating intense moody colours like dark greys, muted neutrals, a deep purple or navy. They all blend beautifully with wood and other authentic materials for a sophisticated, restful feel.

Using Light

As the nights start to creep in and the days are darker, great lighting becomes even more essential.

If you’ve been stockpiling tea lights or saving those scented candles “for best”, now’s the time to dig them out. Light plays an important part in the atmosphere of any scheme and we crave it even more during the darker, colder months. Strategically placing subtle lighting at different levels around the room creates warmth and drama. As well as casting a gorgeous glow, lamps made from natural materials are a striking way to introduce reflective or tactile elements to your space.

With the shorter days, you’ll want to add brighter lighting to your favourite spaces. Lights or lamps with warm light shades on them are the perfect sort of lighting as not only do they give off an ambient glow but they fit in with the autumnal feeling.

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Bring the Outside in

As we all know, the Scandinavians are experts at making even the most simple spaces feel like a sanctuary. Part of this is down to their deep connection to the outdoors and ensuring this same love is reflected in their homes too. Take a leaf out of their book and gather little pieces of nature you might find on a walk or in the woods to decorate a sideboard or a shelf.