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Hairpin 2 Table and Bench
What is Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is wood that has been taken from an old structure, and reused for something else – be it wooden flooring or complete new reclaimed furnishings. Reclaimed Wood has a past and is recycled and reused to meet today’s ever-growing need for sustainable and eco-friendly homes and businesses.

What is Rustic Wood (sometimes called Distressed Wood)?

Rustic wood or distressed wood is new wood that has been artificially distressed and/or weathered to make it appear old.  Distressing techniques often include putting nail holes in the boards, creating circular saw marks to replicate vintage logging techniques, or adding a patina to the wood so that it looks like it has aged over decades of use. Distressed Rustic wooden boards tend to look similar in that the same distressing process is applied to all of them. This creates a uniform look across the wooden boards.

Reclaimed wood comparison with rustic wood
What makes Reclaimed Wood Furniture so special?

Creating reclaimed wood furniture is an art that presents beautiful results every time. Having been previously used, all reclaimed wood furniture has a unique look and its very own story behind it. No two pieces are identical and they all have individual character. One of the best things about reclaimed furniture is that it can blend in to suit any style in a home, office, bar, café or restaurant – contemporary or traditional.

Our furniture is made using reclaimed wood, hand picked from various old industrial buildings across the UK. It was mainly used as floor joists in its previous life so has lots of history, character and detail that you will only find in genuine reclaimed wood. It is also extremely heavy and durable, always a sign of great quality.

The reclaimed planks are joined to form the finishing touches to all our furniture, whether it be a dining table, side unit, bench, desk… possibilities are endless when each piece is lovingly restored to measure by hand.

Having been in some form of use for years before its use as furniture, reclaimed wood has been open to its surroundings, which normally means it has contracted and expanded numerous times, drying it out entirely and reducing the risk of warping and splitting.

As well as this, reclaimed wood is usually much older than the young trees that are cut down for furniture production. This is great for the sturdiness of the reclaimed furniture pieces as the grain is generally much denser – making the wood less prone to cracking and chipping.

Xframe 1 Table and bench scene

Character is a word that is often over used when talking about furniture: most often as a euphemism for old and time worn. The rich colours and patinas that are the hallmark of reclaimed wood can only be had through constant weathering and ageing.  Even more, the old nail holes, knots, and natural imperfections of the wood itself add to the unique character of reclaimed wood.

Even if you don’t know the exact origin of the wood in your table, the fact that it served a completely different purpose for the first half of its life is a worthy story in and of itself.

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