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Ways to Renovate Your Property

Industrial Furniture

Whether you’re renovating a buy-to-let property or you are just wanting to update your current property for added value we’ve compiled our top tips on why you should start the renovation process today.

Home Renovation Tips

Have you been thinking about giving your home a revamp? Are some of your rooms too cold? Are you tired of the same old furniture or you’re not happy with the mattress your sleeping on? If these thoughts have crossed your mind, you might be considering how you can enhance your home in unusual and inventive ways.

Light & Bright

‘Light’ and ‘Bright’ are often keywords used by estate agents, yet they are key characteristics in which estate agents look for. A light and airy looking property is more appealing. If your home doesn’t have much natural light it may be best to stay away from darker colours and make unique lights a more focal point in your room.
Edison bulbs are always on trend, simple and affordable by tapping into the current trends of the rustic and industrial style as they don’t require a shade, they bring a lot of light into the room; they also never really go out of fashion.
Another way of incorporating light into your home is to invest in skylights or installations of windows are an obvious choice to increase natural light, if you are really wanting to stretch the pennies you could always consider extending to an all-glass extension or conservatory with glass doors or roof. This option means you will have more additional space to convert into a new room such as an open plan kitchen; leaving the additional room where the old room was to convert into an extra bedroom for example.

Reclaimed Furniture

For those of you that aren’t sure what reclaimed furniture is, it is furniture made strictly from recycled woods and other materials that have been rescued. Reclaimed wood can come from a number of unusual places where the timber is no longer required. Roof beams, floorboards, joists, roof trusses, railway tracks, whiskey barrels, old boats and malt kilns are just a few of the places where reclaimed wood can come from, helping companies specialising in this type of furniture to get their hands on the parts they need to build.

At this point you might be wondering how reclaimed furniture will improve your bedroom. Not only is reclaimed wood great for the environment (through the recycling of natural materials), it can often be stronger and more stable. Lots of people prefer furniture made from wood that has been reclaimed because they feel it adds character and charm to their homes. Wouldn’t it be great if you could add furniture to your home that has been made from recycled materials, has a story behind it and looks amazing? Well you can, and Heyl Interiors is just one of the many great places where you can purchase such eco-friendly items.

Change Your Heating System

Radiators are just there, usually in every room, and quite often taking up your beloved space that could be used in other ways. When you move into a new home you will generally have to position your furniture around the radiators of the house. They are there, as they always have been, and it doesn’t cross your mind to take them out (because we all need heat, right?). But what if there was an alternative heating system that you could use to spread warmth through your home without taking up so much space?

Well there is; and it comes in the shape of underfloor heating. It fits neatly beneath your flooring, providing heating for your home without the need for ugly radiators. A plumbing or heating engineer will be the right choice of tradesperson here as they will need to seamlessly install the heating below your carpets.

With this type of heating, the temperature is dispersed more evenly than radiators, allowing the heat to move through the whole room, rather than just filling a pocket at one end. Your boilers won’t have to work as hard to heat your house and your home will be the tropical haven you want it to be throughout the chilly winter months.

The Exterior of your Property

When it comes to your home, the exterior can be just as important as the interior. A way to improve and add value to your home includes upgrading your patio or driveway at the front of your home will give a great first impression, especially when considering people’s first look at your property. Should you undergo the correct maintenance for your driveway, this will also help as it will keep it renewed.