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How Interior Design Boosts Your Property Value

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How an Interior Designer Can Help Sell Your Home

Hiring an interior designer to renovate and decorate your property can help to lure in potential buyers and can also mean that you get a lot more when you sell, especially in a cold property market, this could really clinch the sale. Take a look at our reasons for employing an interior design to help sell your home.


Companies can spend millions of pounds every year when it comes to creating the right image for their products through packaging and logos, the way products are displayed, and the wording used to describe them. You can have a team dedicated to creating the right look and feel in your property. Professional interior design will make your home appealing, especially when it comes to the highest number of potential buyers, through using art, paint, accessories, lights, greenery, furniture and carpet.

Most home buyers will look online before they even consider visiting their local estate agent, with buyers scrolling through pictures of thousands of homes, the way your home is presented and photographed can really make all of the difference.

Although there’s a shortage of homes in the UK, in most price ranges, the market has cooled so properties need to stand out in order to be sold. It’s important that your home looks brilliant both inside and out, before taking images or having viewings.

The theory is simply, potential buyers aren’t just looking for a house, they’re looking for a home, a well decorated home helps a potential buyer to imagine your home as their own and increase their willingness to pay for it.

Interior design can add significant value to a number of properties, especially those being sold to first time buyers. First time buyers don’t always have the inclination to carry out work on a property and often want to see a property finished and staged to get a vision of how the property will look with their possessions in it. Some buyers won’t have the money to perform work that is unlikely to be funded by a mortgage.

Its not just live in homeowners who are hiring interior designers, private landlords are also ensuring that their properties are decorated well to ensure the best returns. Interior design for your property, really is a no brainer for landlords, ensuring it looks great can often command the rental income they want for their property as well as avoid long voids where the property will be empty between tenancies.

The first thing to consider is that the way you sell your home will be very different from the way you live in your home. When you decide to put your property on the market, it’s important that you change your mindset and start thinking about the property as a financial asset, a commodity you’re going to sell to help you realise your dream of living in a new home. The good news it that its possible to stage your home on a budget whether you go down the do it yourself route or seek professional help.

An interior designer will usually provide a free initial meeting to discuss your options, if you have a consultation and can put the suggestions into action yourself, costs could be fairly modest. When it comes to an interior designer, expect to pay anything between £20 to £75 an hour if you want the work done on your behalf.