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9 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying Furniture

When you choose furniture it should never just be the case of I like it lets buy it. Before buying any type of furniture you need to ask yourself a few questions to ensure it meet your actual needs. Our team at Heyl Interiors have put together the top 9 questions to ask yourself before you buy any piece of furniture.

9 Questions To Ask Yourself

1. Do you understand the size of your space?

Don’t just look at a room and think it will fit here or it might go there, be sure to get out your tape measure and check correctly. Ensuring your new piece of furniture fits correctly means you don’t need to worry about re-configuring your room or worst of all send it back.

2. What furniture do you need to buy first and last?

If you’re furnishing your first or new home, or if you’ve renovated a room and you’re buying new furniture then you need to consider what you’re buying first and last. Not everyone will have unlimited purse strings and furniture isn’t always cheap, especially when you’re buying a collection. This is why you need to consider what to buy first, if you’re doing up a dining room then you need to buy a table and chairs first. Whereas things such as cabinets or sideboards can wait a little longer if needed.

3. Do you really need-vs. want?

We all want things, but do we really need it? There’s plenty of times where you’ll be out shopping and see something and think I want it and yes, you’ll probably buy it. However, did you really need it, and does it ever get used? When buying furniture make sure it’s something you both need and want.

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4. Are you buying just to say your done?

When doing up a home or even a room, it can become frustrating and sometimes you just want it done. If you buy furniture just to say you’re finished then it’s likely you’ll grow to hate the furniture and regret ever buying it. You should always make sure you love a piece of furniture. Don’t just buy it because you need it’s essential, but it because you love it.

5. Where and how does it fit into your room décor?

We’ve all been shopping or looking online and though ‘WOW’ I love that piece of furniture. We all get the urge to just buy, but don’t stop and think. There’s a good chance you’ll buy it and it wont fit in your room or the current décor scheme you have. Which means you’ll either need to send it back or change the whole room to suit one piece; which is simply more expense.

6. Are you buying furniture to try and make something else look better?

We all have a room or a piece of furniture that we don’t really like, but should we really be buying something just to make something else look better? On some occasions buying a particular piece of furniture will help to make a room look better but when it’s surrounded by drab pieces it’s going to start looking drab too. If you’re investing in a new piece of furniture then think about buying matching items or doing the rest of the room up to make your sure your new piece looks fab.

7. Does the colour and style reflect the room?

Only you know your home, which means the colour and style you’re trying to achieve is in your hands. However, if you’re buying furniture then you need to think about if the piece will fit into your existing colour schema and style. This isn’t a problem if your redecorating but if your buying something to go into your current scheme, then you need to make sure it fits.

8. Is it a good investment?

We all know furniture isn’t cheap, unless your buying it flatpack; but even some flatpack pieces are pricey these days. Whether you’re spending £80 or £3000, you need to make sure the piece of furniture you buy is a good investment. Think about if you’ll be keeping the style for a long time and if the piece is designed to last. Furniture is no different to a car, make sure you love it and that you’re going to keep it for a few years.


9. Can you say you LOVE it?

The answer to this is easy if you say ‘YES’, then don’t hesitate to buy it. However, if you have any doubts or questions about the piece then you’re second guessing yourself which means you don’t truly love it. Be sure to browse our range of reclaimed furniture and we are positive you’ll find a piece you love.