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How To Spruce Up Your Home This Spring

Spring Time Home Spruce

We are coming into spring and with the weather improving, why not consider giving your home a refresh? Sprucing up your home is easy and can be done in a number of ways. From large scale renovations to simply redecorating the options for home improvements are endless. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous when you spruce up your home either. By sticking with what you know, it’s unlikely to have the impact your home needs.

Top Tips To Spruce Up Your Home

1. Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting is easy, however choosing colours that suit your furniture and the style of your home can be difficult. Before considering anything else, start with something easy like giving your home a fresh coat of paint. Don’t be afraid to be bold with the colour either, whites and creams will always be popular, but consider adding a splash of grey or even something brighter such as blue. The colours you choose should reflect both you and your home.

2. Artificial Plants

Plants can help to create a more positive atmosphere in the home. However keeping plants alive and looking great is the difficult thing. Artificial plants offer a realistic look and are perfect for use both inside and outside the home. With artificial plants you can benefit from the aesthetic that real plants offer without having to worry about keeping them alive.

3. Property Refurbishment

Sometimes redecorating isn’t enough and you simply need something bigger such as a property refurbishment. Property refurbishment can completely transform the look of a room or your whole home. Whilst it might cost more than most methods on this list, it is an investment that can increase your overall property value. From updating your bathroom suite to remodelling a room, property refurbishment can give your home the much needed update it needs.

4. New Style

Be bold and be brave and try a new style! Whilst you might look at something and wonder how you’ll get it to work, new styles can spruce up you home. Don’t be afraid to branch out from what your know. If you’ve stuck with browns and creams all your life, then now is the time to change. Branch out into new decor styles such as industrial, rustic or something completely different.

5. Invest in New Furniture

Furniture is a key part of any home, whether this be fitted bedroom furniture or bespoke freestanding pieces. Investing in high quality furniture is a great way to spruce up any home. Everyone has flatpack, so dare to be different and have something made that no one else with have. From updating your bedroom to investing in bespoke dining tables, the options for new furniture are endless. The great thing about new furniture is you don’t need to have a huge budget to achieve it either.