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Furniture: Why go Bespoke?

bespoke furniture

Bespoke Furniture is custom made furniture designed for exactly what you need, where you need it for and exactly how you want it to look.

It’s really about you get exactly what you want whilst getting the best use of your space.

Bespoke Furniture can come in many shapes and sizes!

A beautifully crafted furniture piece looks incredible as well as can improve the usefulness of your living space. However, in this expendable society, the temptation of shabby mass-delivered furniture can be enticing, picking trendy pieces that are effectively supplanted when they get damaged or go out of style.

In case you’re thinking about renovating or updating, read on to find why bespoke furniture gives you extravagance and quality that can stand the tests of time.

A piece of bespoke furniture being built

It’s certainly possible to curate stunning interior schemes using mass produced furniture, but more often than not, it is the element of individuality that sets a scheme apart. This may be achieved through art, or soft furnishings but customised furniture has the power to add an extra depth of quality and class.

Bespoke furniture, customised to meet individual design specifications shows an uncompromising attention to detail. It results in a high end finish that is actually surprisingly achievable for both commercial and residential projects.

Many of our bespoke customers find that spending a little extra time and money to get their furniture exactly right means they save money in the long run. We create furniture that becomes so intricately in sync with their room scheme that it surpasses any impulse purchases or items that have not been as carefully thought through.

We know that each bespoke piece we have worked on carries an extra special personal quality that simply cannot be reproduced in a standard manufacturing process. And the WOW factor they create makes all the extra effort worthwhile.

bespoke balcony table and chairs


Unique Design

By going with a Bespoke Furniture Company you are getting experts to design something completely personal to you. You get taken along through the process so together you can achieve a piece of furniture that is exactly as you want it.

Custom furniture appeals to even the most uncompromising tastes, giving you control over each aspect. Materials, size and style – it’s all up to you. It empowers you to have furniture that mixes with your shading plan, instead of agreeing to the mass delivered furniture pieces accessible through retail outlets. Working together with a gifted furniture maker will breathe life into your vision.

Higher quality

People who purchase Bespoke Furniture are looking for something that is built to last, and to achieve that you have to use better materials that can provide longevity.

For most people their biggest concern when it comes to Bespoke Furniture is cost… You might pay more, but you will ultimately get more. You are getting so much more with furniture that is tailored specifically to your needs, and the company has to do more. They have to advise, design, purchase materials, create and install. I always come back to the general rule that “the better the quality, the higher the cost”.

Bespoke furniture

Specially crafted furniture can be as bespoke & showy as you like, however it likewise has the unmistakable benefit of having the capacity to blend into your home seamlessly.

With mass-produced furniture you are always going to be limited to the sizes, colours and styles available, whereas with bespoke furniture you have to opportunity to decide exactly what colour, shape and size your furniture will be. The end product is that you will own something that no one else has, a completely unique piece made to suit your tastes and needs.

Custom made furniture is fitted precisely to the space it is designed for. Try not to be managed by the set measurements of readymade options. Bespoke options enable you to pick the style you need to fit the space you have – impeccably.


Because we put so much passion and thought into what we create, you are more likely to want to care for that furniture long-term. And because it lasts so much longer than any mass-produced piece it can be appreciated for years, moved house to house and even passed down through generations.

You’ll get a completely unique piece…

We hope this article has helped you understand more about what Bespoke Furniture really is and the benefits of going ‘the bespoke route’.

If you’re now considering buying Bespoke Furniture and need more help and guidance please get in touch. Our team would love to hear from you!