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Signage for Bar and Office Design

When considering signage in commercial spaces including bars, restaurants and offices, it’s important that the style and type is incorporated into the interior design. Your premises and everything inside and outside is related to your business, so it’s important that your brand, style and message is included in the look and feel of the exterior and interior of your business.
Whether you’re a bar, office or restaurant, we take a look at the different signage available and how it can be incorporated into your businesses brand and décor.

The different types of signage available

Nowadays, innovative technology means that you can create almost any type of sign for your business. We take a look at some of the signage designs and styles that sign suppliers have on offer…


A popular choice for signage, especially in restaurants are window graphics and signs. They don’t take up much space and whilst being used for decoration they can also add an element of privacy and security as they’ll cover up your windows. So from privacy to window décor, window graphics are a great solution.


External signs are the most popular type of signage for offices and bars, as well as being informative and showing who you are, it also shows where you are. External signage can be designed to incorporate both your branding and your style, when considering your external signage you should make sure that you produce something which will leave a long lasting impression of your company.


Illuminated signs are great for making a bold statement, as well as when your business may be closed. if your business is a bar or restaurants which is open later hours, then you’re more likely to get noticed with an illuminated sign. You’ll be seen in the evening when it’s dark so the public will see that you exist and you’re open for business.


Interior signs will contribute to the inside of your business, as well as complimenting your business, they can also be used for decorative services. They can be included into a range of styles and the interior décor of your building, complimenting your business and your brand.


Acrylic signage is popular as its durable, this means it’s long lasting and can stand the test of time. They’re also come in a high gloss ‘glass type finish’, so provide a sophisticated look perfect for offices and including in a range of office design. These signs can be used indoors and outdoors and will provide a high-quality look.