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Furniture Trends: The rise of wood furniture

For the longest time, wood furniture has always been made to look perfect, with the right angles and smooth edges, the trend was for symmetrical pieces with smooth edges. However the ‘in’ thing nowadays seems to be more industrial style reclaimed wood furniture.
The trend has evolved to the style of bringing the outdoors indoors, nature has a way of making things uniquely beautiful and using reclaimed and more natural wood pieces. Industrial wood furniture pieces including tables and chairs have become powerful feature pieces in both homes and commercial spaces, bringing new vibes with rustic designs.

Reclaimed Wood in the home or commercial spaces

The requirement for new furniture trends has brought the trends of reclaimed wood furniture to main stream audiences as well as just seeing it in commercial spaces. This type of wood furniture has become a favourite across the country meaning that a range of households and commercial establishments are beginning to make this unique furniture a main feature. This décor style really is starting to become a very attractive and creative furniture piece.

Industrial Wood in Restaurants

Restaurants, bar and other establishments across the country are starting to introduce reclaimed wood furniture into their décor, this unique style brings a fresh yet rustic feel and atmosphere, encouraging customers to enjoy their surroundings and stay for another drink.
Industrial wood furniture is versatile and can be incorporated into a range of themes and décor pieces. When you choose reclaimed furniture, you can create any style you wish, combining natural wood into your brand and making your commercial space, whether it’s a restaurant or bar, make your place a haven.

Reclaimed furniture from Heyl Interiors

When it comes to reclaimed furniture, at Heyl Interiors we specialise in designing and crafting reclaimed furniture, we pride ourselves on achieving a quality finish. All of the industrial style reclaimed furniture we offer is made from British steel and handpicked reclaimed wood. When you choose Heyl Interiors for your new piece of reclaimed furniture you can trust that you’ll only receive a product of the highest standard.